562199_3040017320967_1279050170_32315799_669370969_nWhen I was 17 I was given an assignment of writing down a list of at least 100 dreams.  Here are 2 of the dreams I wrote down:

#10. Stand next to hippo, and not get eaten.
#20. Take a photograph that impacts someone’s life.

Both remain dreams today.  Although I’m not sure the hippo thing will ever happen, I’m grateful that my photography has impacted people’s lives, and that it continually impacts my own.

My name is Dawn and I am a lifestyle photographer in Minneapolis, MN.  I love to capture moments, people, and relationships as they truly are- the joy, the pain, the mundane, all of it… there is beauty and meaning in it all, and that is what I seek to photograph.  I have an eye for seeing and appreciating what is often passed by, and a passion for finding unique angles to look at what is seen every day.  When not doing this through photography, I often do it through writing.

It is a delight to work with others to preserve moments, events, those special people and relationships in a way whereby people can keep coming back to the same photograph over and over again to remember and even relive a time that is gone.  My experience is that this increases gratitude for the gifts we have been given throughout our lives.